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Payment methods

In our shops you can pay by: debit card, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and cash payment. 

In our stores (excl. the online store) you can for your purchase in fixed installments. However, this only applies to customers residing in the Netherlands. More information can be found here.


On our website you can check the product’s stock per store. You can also send your inquiry to concerning store via [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. One of our employees will reply to your email as soon as possible.


Provide us with a European VAT number and a passport or identification card to purchase products VAT free from ivizi. Instore we will ask you to complete a shipment statment in which you declare you will transport the purchased goods for use outside of the Netherlands.

It is possible to return or exchange your product (on presentation of your receipt) for another product or a gift card in one or our stores within 8 days of purchasing. Terms: the product may not be used, must be complete and in its original sealed package. Excluded from returning / exchanging are: products on sale / offer, software, iTunes cards, CTO orders and In-ear earphones. Alle goods will remain the property of ivizi until payment has been fully completed.


ivizi has chosen to use a contact form. As a result, you as a customer have control over the day and time when contact is made. This prevents long waiting times on the telephone and you can be helped by more colleagues. In this way we can help you on your way or answer your question more effectively.

ivizi Website


In our online store you can complete payment by iDeal, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and Bancontact.


We strive to send all orders the same day when placed on workdays before 5PM (and if the items are in stock). All items in stock are marked with Available immediately. All other others will be shipped within 1-2 workdays. If an item is not in stock, the delivery time is unknown.

Yes, you can pick up your order in one of our stores. Select the desired pick-up location during the checkout process.

If a product is not in stock, the delivery time for this product is unknown. We will backorder this product, however, it is not clear when the product will be in stock again. It is possible to place an order for certain products. We will ship the product to you when it is in stock again.


If you wish to purchase a product in store, you can check the store’s stock for each product online. A limited stock refers to a single product in stock in that particular store.


As a consumer, you may return your purchase within 14 days after receipt. View the return procedure here


Defective device

If your Apple device appears to be defect; it shows damages due to falling or it has any other damages/problems, you may submit your device for repair in one of our stores.

Of course! Any customer is welcome to ask for help, including customers who bought their product elsewhere. However, we might ask you to provide us with your purchase receipt.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. To make sure you can still count on the same Apple quality after repair, it is of the utmost importance our Technical Department has the chance to examine what caused the defect. This may take some time. In addition, most components are not in stock and will have to be ordered.

First you need to report the damage to insurance company HSC (Harmony Service Center). You can do this by contacting them on 010-2068686. They will provide you with a claim number you will need for reporting the damage to us.

This is different for each device. A Mac repair will take between 5 and 10 working days. An iPhone or iPad is often repaired in 3 to 5 working days. In both cases the repair time can be shorter or longer. Ask about predictions when your bring in your device.


After registering your repair, you will receive an email containing a unique code and a link you can use to check the status of your repair. If you haven’t received this email, please send your details to our Technical Department via [email protected]. They will send you a new link. You can also check the status of your repair in My ivizi

If the status indicates “wait for customer” we have sent you an email. Check your mailbox and answer the question in our mail. Only then will we be able to proceed with the repair. 

Quotation/damage report

If the warranty does no longer apply to your device, you will receive a quotation after determining the defect trough thorough examination. This quotation includes the costs of the components and work costs to complete the repair. This way, it is up to you whether you want to proceed with the repair or not. If you choose not to proceed with the repair, you will only be charged with the examination costs. 

It is possible to draw up a damage report for all Apple devices. Just hand in the device and you will receive a specified damage report in your mail in a few working days. Then you can decide whether you wish to pick up the device or proceed with the repair.

Certain defects cannot be repaired. Apple will then decide your device needs to be swapped for a new one. You will then receive a quotation for the new device. The new device is completely new but could contain a remanufactured Logic Board.

Customer services


Exchanging or returning is no problem! You can exchange your purchase for another product or gift card within 8 days. Make sure your purchase is not used, complete and in its original, unopened package. Excluded from exchanging are: items on sale / offer, software, iTunes cards, CTO orders and in-ear headphones. All goods remain the property of ivizi until payment has fully been completed.

Complaints procedure

Please send your complaint to [email protected] and we will contact you the next working day at the latest.

After receiving your complaint, we will objectively assess it. If we require any further information we will contact you. We will assess your complaint and inform you about our findings as soon as possible.

ivizi Slim insurance

ivizi Slim! is an insurance. You can acquire this sharply priced insurance while purchasing an iPad, iPhone or Watch. Read all about it here

The duration depends on the specific insurance. The duration can vary between 3 and 12 monts. If the planned duration has expired, the insurance can be terminated each month. If you do not terminate your insurance, the duration will be extended up to 5 years.

To terminate your insurance, please contact insurance company HSC (Harmony Service Center) via phone number 0031-(0)10-2068686.

First of all, you need to report the damage at insurance company HSC (Harmony Service Center). You can do this by calling 0031-(0)10-2068686. They will provide you with a claim number you will need to register your repair at ivizi.

At the bottom of the ivizi Slim! page you can download your insurance policy as a PDF file. Go to the page.



As an ivizi member there are various courses regarding your Apple device. Read all about ivizi member here

When you purchase a new Mac, iPhone or iPad from ivizi you can become an ivizi member for €99.- annualy. When you already own a Mac, iPhone or iPad and your device is younger than three years old, you can also apply for ivizi member. If your device is not purchased from ivizi, you will pay the normal rate of €149,-. 

Apple ID

Follow the steps on this website. Do you need help? You can always ask for support in one of our stores or in our support center. 

When you purchase a new Apple device, you will get the opportunity to apply for an Apple ID. If you did not apply directly, you can still do so here. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask us for support.


Try to charge your iPhone or iPad with another cable if possible. If this doesn’t work you can try a soft reset. This will force the device to start up again. For a soft reset press the home button and on/off button together for at least 10 seconds. Let go as soon as the Apple logo appears. More information

Check out the steps to switch off this function here


A slow Mac is usually caused by one of three causes; the hard disk is (nearly) full, not enough working memory or software issues. To determine the casue we kindly ask you to stop by in our support center in Maastricht. Here, we can give you advice while you wait. For software issues or repairs that are not covered by warranty, we may charge you with additional costs. You are always informed about any additional costs.

If your Mac reports “startup disk full” too much data is stored on your Mac. It is important to delete all unnecessary files. If your files cannot be missed, try to transfer some of the files to an external hard disk. If you do not delete any files, you will risk damaging files and crashing your Mac.

To check if your MacBook is eligible for extended warranty on certain parts you can click here.

View the steps to disable this function here